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3D Television Buyers Guide
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Nov 15, 2021
2:27 AM
What You Need To Know About 3D TV

The release of 3D smash hits like Avatar has led many television manufacturers to begin producing 3D-ready television sets in order to enable them to watch movies in 3D at home. While the use of 3D technology in broadcast television is still in the planning stages, it is hoped that by 2015, 3D television technology will be widespread enough that most people will watch movies in 3D, especially blockbusters and documentaries where 3D technology is at its finest.

3D Ready Televisions
The first and most important thing to understand about a 3D ready TV is that it operates on the same mechanical principles as a standard flat-screen TV, only that it has the necessary processing power and upgrades for showing effectively two images at once, since this is how the 3D effect is created. Most people are familiar with traditional 3D setups as they experienced in the movies, which used colored or polarized glasses to allow each eye to see a different image, resulting in a 3D effect. However, the effect is limited because the glasses interfere either with the color or the position of the screen, meaning that the screen must be very large and very bright in order for the effect to work properly. This was not considered a problem in theatres, especially since it permitted the use of 3D glasses so cheap as to be disposable should theater patrons break them or take them home.


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