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Blog > Managing Innovation and Continuous Improvements
Managing Innovation and Continuous Improvements
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Aug 24, 2022
3:00 AM

 Managing Innovation and Continuous Improvements

Innovation is the essence of technological advancement in our society. They have helped ease our lifestyle and constantly work to make it better. But managing innovation and creativity is important as they help save time, money, and resources. Balancing these three aspects can encourage constant developments in society.

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But the bsbmgt608 manage innovation and continuous improvement and aims to increase the market share value, strengthen financial resources, and work towards better productivity.

Performance improvement strategy toward competitive evaluation

  1. Increases market share by 15%

  2. Strengthens financial resources

  3. Invests over physical resources

  4. Encourages productivity

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Proposed Process Description or Current Process Amendment

The process description comprises 5 stages that include the following features –

  1. Design

  2. Planning

  3. Purchasing

  4. Manufacturing

  5. Distribution

The new system bsbmgt608 task Answers will conduct market trend research and assess the requirements and demands. It'll consider the process goals, reduce waste and increase shared accountability. Some of its characteristics are –

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  1. Trends Research– The experts will conduct in-depth research to meet market demands. The research teams will analyze the trends by gathering feedback from after-sales services.

  2. Design– The Trends Research Team shall pass the findings to the design team, who will sketch the ideas for existing and new products.

  3. Sales– The design team will then pass these concepts to the sales team, who will approve the ideas according to distributor and customer feedback. The sales team bsbmgt608 Answers will also define the demand and pricing.  

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  1. Purchase– Once the sales team gathers the data, they'll convey it to the purchasing team, who'll contact the supplier for raw materials. The sales team should negotiate the appropriate prices and that the partners agree with the values and the policies.

  2. Engineer– The Engineering team will turn the concept into a reality once the purchase is complete. They should implement tactics that optimize production and minimize waste.  

  3. Manufacturing– The engineering team passes the information to the manufacturing team. Production is the responsibility of this bsbmgt608 solutions team.

  4. Quality Control– Once production is complete, the quality control team will approve the products before they send them to the distribution facility.

  5. Distribution– Once the products pass out from quality control, they are transferred to the authorized distributors.  

  6. After-sales service– The after-sales service will gather feedback and report to the Trends team for reduced product acceptance.


The 5-stage process descriptions aim to reduce wastage with better accountability by the bsbmgt608 task answers.

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