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Credit Card Processing - How to Hire a Great Servi
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Oct 03, 2022
10:47 AM
Even though discount and transaction fees account for the majority of credit card processing expense, you still have to pay all the other fees. Keep this in mind when you're comparing new merchant accounts. Providers know that discount and transaction fees are scrutinize the most by prospective providers and you may not find there's much of a difference in these fees between providers. However, fees like monthly minimums, statement fees, and other important but less visible fees may vary greatly. When you're looking for a new merchant account, compare all aspects and fees of the accounts, not just discount and transaction fees.

Equipment doesn't cost a fortune.

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit card processing is that credit card machines cost a fortune to purchase. That's just not the case. Very good terminals with thermal printers and other bells and whistles can be purchased new for $400 or less. Wireless terminals and other specialty equipment may be slightly more expensive, but it's still very reasonable if you find the right provider.

Before jumping into an expensive leasing agreement, shop around for different equipment prices and deals. Many providers even give terminals away with a new merchant how to start a payment processing company account. Sure, you'll have to give it back if you close the account - but you didn't have to pay for it in the first place.

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