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Blog > 45 Most Amazing Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas 20
45 Most Amazing Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas 20
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Adam Kinght
4 posts
Oct 03, 2022
11:37 PM

An argumentative essay is characterized by a claim that you defend by presenting evidence for its support. In an argumentative, the essay writer is required to pick an issue of importance and make a claim regarding it. The writer then supports the claim with well-researched and relevant evidence. The writer aims to persuade the audience toward a particular point. A claim is anything that can be contested, something that has multiple perspectives. And the evidence is the foundation upon which the claim is built upon. Thus, in an argumentative essay, claims, and evidence work side by side. The following discussion mentions some of the most amazing topics that you can choose from for your argumentative essay.

  1. Should the death penalty be revoked?

  2. Does competition really promote productivity and growth?

  3. Do religious beliefs tend to cause wars?

  4. Is democracy really the best political system we have?

  5. Are there any competitors to capitalism?

  6. Should abortion be allowed?

  7. Is economic inequality increasing in the United States?

  8. Should palliative sedation be allowed for dying patients?

  9. Is today’s youth addicted to the media?

  10. Are genetically modified organisms harmful or helpful?

  11. Should vaccination be made mandatory for the general public?

  12. Should self-driving cars be banned in the United States?

  13. Is climate change exaggerated?

  14. Should laws be placed to prevent the usage of phones while driving?

  15. Should athletes be paid for their sports participation?

  16. Should religious schools be allowed in the United States?

  17. Is sex work ethical?

  18. Should animals be used for scientific experiments?

  19. Should marijuana be legalized?

  20. Should companies be allowed to hire unpaid interns?

  21. Is universal healthcare a realistic goal?

  22. Should schools educate children about sex?

  23. Should illegal immigrants be integrated into the United States?

  24. Is the phenomenon of fake news real?

  25. Can torture be considered ethical in certain circumstances?

  26. Should the tax on the rich be increased?

  27. Should the wages of CEOs be decreased?

  28. Do violent video games make children more prone to violence?

  29. Should the voting right be provided to the prisoners?

  30. Does poverty lead to crimes?

  31. Should homework be given to the children?

  32. Should higher education be provided free of cost?

  33. Should euthanasia be legalized?

  34. Should gun control be increased?

  35. Are books inherently better than movies?

  36. Do home taught children to perform better than children taught in schools

  37. Is hard work enough for attaining success?

  38. Is the American Dream still applicable today?

  39. Does our current taxation system produce the desired results?

  40. Are women really paid less than men for the same job?

  41. Youth today has it much better than the previous generations

  42. Should parenting be gender-neutral?

  43. Does wearing a uniform produce beneficial outcomes?

  44. Should males be provided paternity leaves?

  45. Do emotional support animals help individuals suffering from mental health problems?

After the topic has been selected, the next step is actually writing the argumentative essay. Any argumentative essay has four crucial components, that is, its introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. The introduction of the argumentative essay should start with a hook, which could be a statistic, a famous quote, or a catchy phrase. The introduction should provide sufficient background information so that the targeted audience can understand the topic effectively, without much effort. The introduction should set the tone of the entire content to come. If you have difficulty in writing the introduction of the argumentative essay, you can get the help of a professional essay writer service that can cater to your need for a perfect essay.

The introduction of the argumentative essay should end with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a pithy and succinct statement that captures the idea of the entire essay. As a rule of thumb, the thesis statement should not exceed 20-25 characters. The thesis statement should allude to all the topic sentences present at the beginning of each body paragraph. The thesis statement is arguably the most important aspect of an argumentative essay, so sufficient time is allocated to writing it so that the most important part of the essay is written to perfection.

The next part of the argumentative essay is its body paragraph. There should be a minimum of 3 body paragraphs in an essay, with each paragraph consisting of at least 80 words. The body paragraph starts off with the topic sentence, which gives information about the content of the paragraph. The body paragraph should point back to the information discussed in the thesis statement. There should only be one idea discussed per paragraph. After the topic sentence, the evidence should be provided to back the claim made in the topic sentence. The evidence should be backed up by an explanation of the evidence. Finally, the paragraph should end with a conclusion that relates information back to the topic sentence. If I were to get stuck in writing the body paragraph of the essay, I ask a professional writer to write my essay for me, so that I can get a top-quality essay.

The final part of the argumentative is its conclusion. The conclusion should restate the thesis statement, and summarize the arguments discussed. The conclusion paragraph should end with a call to action.

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